Empower SOF Families

Transitioning back to civilian life can be a significant challenge for SOF families. They've spent years, sometimes decades, living in unique circumstances that have demanded extraordinary sacrifices.

Our mission at The Pillar Foundation is to ease this transition, offering support, resources, and services that help these families adjust, thrive, and feel appreciated.


Your Contribution

A Lifeline for SOF Families

Every donation, regardless of size, plays a pivotal role in supporting SOF families.

Your contributions can help fund a wide range of programs, from career transition support and educational scholarships to recreational therapy, family retreats, and cultural trips.

You're not just donating - you're honoring the sacrifices these families have made and giving them a chance to experience the joy, relaxation, and enrichment they truly deserve.


Making a Difference Together

Donating to The Pillar Foundation means becoming part of a community that acknowledges the selfless service of SOF families. Together, we can help them reintegrate into civilian life with the dignity, respect, and support they've earned.

Your act of kindness today can ignite a chain reaction of positive change. Donate now and stand alongside our heroes, supporting them as they embark on the next chapter of their lives. They have given so much for us; it's our time to give back.


Other Ways to Donate Today

Support Our SOF  Families

Retreats & Get-A-Ways

If you own a beach house, retreat, or vacation home, your donation could mean so much to our SOF families. They often require a break from their demanding lives, and your generosity would provide them with a much-needed sanctuary for rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation. Your kind gesture would be deeply appreciated.

Ways to Donate


Whether it's teaching yoga, offering recreational therapy, organizing outdoor activities, hosting art workshops, or planning local cultural trips, your contributions can provide invaluable enrichment and healing. Your generosity can make a huge impact on these families and the difference you can make in their lives.

Ways to Donate