Nutrition and Fitness Programs

Nutrition programs, helping make healthy living approachable for our families with individualized support to simplify the mealtime, provide menus for specific health concerns, reach personal fitness goals, and provide tools to help their family reconnect after so many years apart.

Meditation and Mindfulness Sessions

Meditation and mindfulness sessions, introducing tools to help reduce stress by shifting the nervous system from the sympathetic to the parasympathetic.

Somatic Coaching

Leading edge, trauma informed somatic therapists who work with spouses to address past traumas and nervous system dis-regulation; enabling spouses to claim a sense of safety, vitality and embodiment beyond long held survival patterns.


Performance coaching sessions, utilizing neuroscience and strength-based tools and techniques to help spouses gain clarity on purpose, passion, and strengths.

Endocrine Balancing

Endocrine balancing, helping to identify imbalances in hormone levels and spikes in cortisol levels, providing supplements for continued health and wellness and offering holistic health programs to reduce stress and anxiety.

Bible Study

Bible study groups designed to gain wisdom and grow spiritually while benefiting from the fellowship of Christian sisters who share faith in God and know the struggles and joys of military life.